The Project Empower Toolkit

A collection of mental wellness resources curated by mental health advocates from around the world. Information about mental health should be accessible so we can increase the discussion about it. So we did just that.

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Toolkit Contributors


Maggie Odom

Maggie Odom (she/her) is a 16 year old yoga teacher, poet, playwright, and activist for issues including climate justice, LGBTQ rights, and mental health. At 15, she completed a 200 hour training to become a Yoga Alliance certified teacher. She strongly believes in the power of yoga and meditation as not only a tool to manage mental health, but to start conversations about it! Her goal in the upcoming year is to continue to push the yoga community to be more inclusive of all yogis, regardless of age, race, socioeconomic status, disability, gender, or anything else!

Minnesota, USA

Hailey Dickinson

Hailey Dickinson is a passionate, 16-year old youth activist from Minnesota. Her work centers around womxn's rights and gun violence prevention. In April 2019, she co-founded the We Will Not Ignore Project after three shooting survivors died by suicide, with the goal of recognizing the long term effects of gun violence and how it can affect survivors years after a shooting has occurred. She believes that it is very important to recognize the lasting effects of gun violence, and also believes that this aspect of gun violence is often ignored in activism work.

New York, USA

Brittany Maschal

Until 2012, when she founded Brittany Maschal Consulting, Brittany spent her professional career working in admissions and student services at the University of Pennsylvania at Penn Law and The Wharton School; Princeton University; and the Johns Hopkins University. BM is a boutique educational consultancy that works with students as they apply to college and graduate school, as well as prepare for their careers, In 2019, she founded Strategy Girl as an extension of her work as a career counselor. Strategy Girl is a community for strategically-minded high school, college, and early career women committed to empowering each other through knowledge-sharing, networking, and mentorship.

California, USA

Jenna Bao

Jenna Bao is a rising senior from Northern California. In her free time, she loves creative writing, watching stand-up comedy, and listening to her Discover Weekly Playlist on Spotify. She's deeply passionate about women's rights and mental health advocacy. In line with this, she serves as the president of her school's chapter of the UNF Girl Up campaign and she works with social workers to institute local mental health reform.

Alabama, USA

Rachel Sampson

Rachel is an 18 year old college freshman at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She is the founder and operations specialist for Her Circle, an educational safe space to teach girls about self-love, self-care, and self-awareness, Rachel also created a community organization called the Deficiency Doctor, where she educates African Americans on the importance of vitamin D and how common it is amongst her race. She also works as Editor in Chief for the Homegirl Project, an online platform amplifying the successes of womxn of color. She hopes to speak for those who are unable to to use their voice and ignite th change for underrepresented communities around the United States

Illinois, USA

Kelli Converso

Kelli Converso is very excited to be one of Project Empower's contributors! In May of 2019, she became a member of the marketing team for the podcast Teens Speak Up  and fell in love wiht advocacy quickly afterwards. Her passion for writing and mental health education led her to Project Empower. Converso is a junior in high school and spends a lot of time volunteering in her community. When she's not reading or writing, you can find her sewing costumes for local theatre productions or volunteering at her County Clerk's office. This school year, she hopes to accomplish her goal of starting a club devoted to education and increasing literacy rates at local elementary schools.


Mercedes Molloy

Mercedes Molloy is a survivor, activist, and founder of Safe Squad, an app committed to providing peace of mind for young women and men across the globe. Championing for access to health care, represntation in the media, Molloy is looking forward to utilizing her platform to advocate for gerenation z as well as disenfranchised communiies. After a traumatic life event, Molloy has made it a personal mission to be a voice and provide a solution to alert mechanisms while in danger. It is her goal that the app will be a resource oif armor among generation z, millenials, and individuals desiring peace of mind for dear family and friends. The young activist engages in conversations to bring about positive change from a place of service and progressing culture.


Purple Roan Project

The Purple Roan Project utilizes the power of creativity to shed a light on mental health and inequality. They give people a voice and give them hope through their struggles to overcome them. They share stories of people making a positive impact on equality and mental health to encourage social action as well.

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