FENC Fiji Partnership


In partnership with the Suva based nonprofit FENC Fiji, The Foundation for the Education of Needy Children, Project Empower created booklets of wellness resources to be distributed amongst educators in Suva, Fiji and our founder worked alongside educators to create and run mental wellness activities in a FENC Fiji supported school. These activities consisted of beginner yoga sessions, controlled breathing, creative expression, and other mindful activities that gave children a healthy outlet for stress and anxiety during their school schedule. 

Promoting wellness in the classroom has become increasingly popular as it teaches the importance of caring for our mental health in a healthy learning environment.


Speaking to educators, professionals at FENC Fiji , and the chief of the village provided necessary insight into the needs of students and it shaped the wellness program. They work to ensure that students are receiving a quality education and are inspiring members of the Fijian community.  

An interview with educator Marie Hilda, the Head Teacher at the school in Tovata, Fiji. She has a vast experience working with young students in the Fiji Islands and New Zealand and it was an honor to work alongside her.